Contact Us

Email is the preferred, fastest and most reliable means of communication.

Our address is .

For internet, we are using a USB modem through a recently acquired, weak, cell signal which we have amplified.  It is not fast or always dependable but works most of the time for email.

This system also gives us limited phone service. It only works when we are in the office and have the equipment turned on.

Text is better than voice mail.  I rarely check voice mail because the voice mail system in CR is not only slow delivering the message,  but the recording quality is very poor and hard to understand. If you are traveling towards us and need to reach us with no access to email, a text message will work best.  We are often able to return calls if you text us.

Unfortunately, just like everything down here, internet is not 100% reliable and every so often the cell system fails for a day or two (rare). We apologize for this inconvenience.

Our cell phone # is 506 8705 3729 but please do not count on us answering the phone or being able to understand your voice mails.  When we are closed, as we are for several months, we do not get phone messages or text messages sent to the above number.

Another Note: We are a small lodge and all of us have several jobs to do to keep the lodge running smoothly.  There is no dedicated, full time office person.  We thank you for your patience and look forward to hearing from you.