Explore on your Own

There many ways to enjoy our area in addition to guided excursions.

Making new discoveries by yourself, exploring the Osa Peninsula, is extremely rewarding.  Walk up one of the major rivers, the Rio Tigre Izquerda, which is in front of the lodge (on maps it is known as the “Quebrada Piedras Blancas”) or the Rio Tigre, on the other side of the village.  Both rivers are bordered by much primary forest and have various sizes of waterfalls bringing fresh mountain water to the main river.  Both the road to the village and on through town, and the road out of town, are easy walking with much variety of scenery and habitats.  We encourage guests to spend some time walking our trails by themselves  if they are comfortable with the surroundings and familiar with the guidelines of rainforest exploration.  Behind us there is a horse road that goes for many kilometers towards the center of the peninsula although we prefer guests not go much more than a few km. by themselves.

Up our river is the “Salto“, that fabulous swimming hole surrounded by primary forest and huge rock.  River breezes, the cool water on your feet and beautiful scenery make the walk pleasant and enjoyable.  For those less inclined to walk far, there is a wonderful dipping spot right next to the lodge, or you can take one of our plastic chairs down to the river and sit in the shade, read a book, with your feet in the water.

Although we do offer a gold panning tour, you are welcome to take a pan and shovel to the river and try it yourself.

Half the fun of traveling is interacting with the local population.  A short distance from the lodge is the small village of Dos Brazos.  There is a school,  bar(rarely open), a soda (a small restaurant/café), 2 small stores, and a park office.  There are always folks out and about, going about their daily routines. Take some time and stop by the local soda and purchase a beverage or stop by the pulperia (small store) and by a snack, or visit the community managed park office to look over their posted information about the area.

explore Osa and her forests
swimming in front of the lodge
Beaches of the Osa Peninsula
Golfo Dulce and mangroves
explore Osa and the rivers swimming holes

Further afield are beaches, mangroves, and the town of Puerto Jimenez.  One can take a day trip and drive down the east side and up the pacific side of the peninsula.  Or rent a kayak and explore the Golfo Dulce and a beautiful mangrove river.  Good swimming and surfing beaches are dotted all along the coast, some as close as 40 minutes from here.  Puerto Jimenez is situated on the Gulf and is a busy little town.  It is much hotter than Dos Brazos but worth visiting for a short while.  There are several good restaurants, a couple of gift shops with local crafts, 2 banks, a major supermarket and lots of beach front.  Bicycles may be rented as well. The town is probably the best place to photograph Scarlet Macaws.

Boat trips in the Golfo Dulce can be arranged for dolphin watching, snorkeling, and fishing or for a trip to a fantastic botanical garden on the other side of the gulf.  There are adventure tour companies that will take you waterfall repelling or tree climbing.  Most of these activities are best to arrange well in advance.