Guests' Comments

We know our lodge is very special but we also know it is not for everyone.  You have to love the out of doors and nature.  We have no spa, pool or tiki bar.  So please check out other references and see what they say;  Books like The Bird Finding Guide to Costa Rica, trip reports online, write-ups on Trip Advisor, our eBird hotspot, photos in Flicker and some of the other various photo sharing services.

Unfortunately, I am afraid I have not managed to jump into social media ….one of these days, maybe… seems like there are always better things to do with my time.

Here are some comments from our guest book at the lodge:

“After 2 trips, 6 lodges and 20 days in Costa Rica, we have found the experience we were searching for at Bosque del Rio Tigre. From the spectacular surrounding forest and its wealth of wildlife, to Abraham’s fantastic meals, miraculously prepared here at “the end of the road” we have been truly impressed. Liz, your passion for the Osa Peninsula and its preservation is inspiring and makes us want to go home and try harder back in our neck of the woods…”

“Just wanted to tell you how wonderful our stay at Bosque del Rio Tigre was. I can’t stop telling people about the gourmet meals and the beautiful accommodations in the middle of the jungle. [My husband] had nothing but good things to say about the lodge, the birding, the food, the staff, and Abraham’s excellent birding abilities and eagerness to make sure we had a good time… I can’t say enough about the place, the food, or the birding.”

“We somehow stumbled on to your place the last days of our trip- turned out to be the best place of our trip! We were immerged in the world of birding. I never realized how intense it was! The manakin’s dance was definitely a highlight of our trip, and we finally got to see a Macaw! Thanks Liz and Abraham for a great stay.”
–The Fieldings

“By far the best place we have stayed in during our 3 weeks in Costa Rica. Super cuisine in the middle of the jungle (I’m sure there’s a supermarket just ’round the corner they are keeping quiet about). Abraham + Liz- Your encyclopedic knowledge of the forest and everything in it is obvious; as is your enjoyment in showing it to and sharing it with your guests…We have enjoyed every minute of our stay and are truly sad to leave. Pura Vida!”
–J&Z, United Kingdom

“These two days were the most luxurious and most fancy in my whole trip to Costa Rica.”
–MF, Japan

“This was a great way to end our two week honeymoon in Costa Rica. You have a great place and the service/company is fantastic. You WILL see us again.”
–L&J, Canada

“…We are in paradise! Best food in Costa Rica. 5 star/5 diamond award for excellence.”

“I have been in Costa Rica for two months and have seen many wonderful things. My stay here has been the best from Day 1; I have felt like family. The staff has been wonderful to me and the food has been great! Liz and Abraham are excelllent guides with great knowledge of birds and wildlife.”

“Thank you very much, it has been a fantastic experience to stay in the lodge, to go walking in the rainforest, and to eat your marvelous food.”
–Annihe, Sweden

“…We like your vision about nature conservation, and thanks very much for sharing it with us. We shall miss this place and all the sounds of the jungle. It was also very relaxing.”
–D&M, Holland