Driving Instructions

Getting to Bosque del Rio Tigre
Nov. 2015

Please plan on arriving before dark. It is very difficult to find us after dark and dinner is served at 6:30 pm.
It will take at least 5.5-7 hours to reach here from Central San Jose, non-stop. There are two ways to get to the southern part of CR.

The mountain route: Cartago-San Isidro-Dominical-Palmar Norte- Chacarita. At San Isidro leave the InterAmericana Highway and go towards the coast.  Then go south on the best highway in the country! You will connect up with the InterAmericana again in Palmar Norte.  Chacarita is about 40 minutes from there.

Or the coastal route:  This is probably the fastest these days since it is now completely paved up to Chacarita and Puerto Jimenez, on the Osa. San Jose-Orotina(there is a new highway for this part…ask at the rental agency how to connect with it)-south to Jaco/Quepos/Manuel Antonio-Dominical-Palmar Norte- Chacarita (not much of a town)

From Chacarita it is 1.5-2 hours to our place.
From the Inter-American Highway, turn right at the gas station in Chacarita.  Approximately 40 km west, is Rincon and the Rincon Bridge.
Cross the long new bridge in Rincon, and La Palma will be approximately 5 km. Make a left in La Palma and it will be approximately 25 km to Puerto Jimenez. But you are not going all the way to Puerto Jimenez.

18 km from La Palma will be Sandalo. You will cross various small bridges on this road. 3 km south of Sandalo will be an intersection with various signs on the right for Rio Tigre, Parque Nacional Corcovado, El Tigre, Dos Brazos and some lodges/accommodations.  If you cross a long bridge over the Rio Tigre, you have gone about 200 meters too far.  Make a right towards the mountains/ Tigre sector/ Dos Brazos/Gallardo.

3 km towards the mountains, you will be in the town of Gallardo. The road makes a sharp right into the town.  You will take the second left after the soccer field, approximately 200 meters after that sharp curve. There are also signs for various places at this turn. If you go straight you will end up in Sandalo on the main road again.

Follow the road for 5 km and cross the small bridge in Dos Brazos de Rio Tigre. The school will be in front of you.  Turn left immediately.

Follow the road for approximately 300 meters until you are at the river edge. Do not turn to get to the river. (the river is parallel to this road).  Notice the small restaurant on your left.  This is the Soda Caiman and is 75 meters from the river.

When you get to the river, please make sure the river is low before entering the valley/riverbed

During dry season 4×4’s can usually cross the river with no problem.


If the river is not high or very dirty: Make sure your 4×4 is engaged. Go slowly down the short hill into the river. You will see tire tracks indicating where to leave the river, which is just a touch (a few feet) down river from where you entered. Cross slowly. Now you will travel on a rocky road (basically the river’s beach) ~100 meters towards the lodge.

These final directions may change after the rainy season, which can change the riverbed drastically. If they don’t make sense when you get here check the road on foot or ask someone. You may also send for updated instructions just before your visit.

IF THE RIVER IS DIRTY OR OVER CALF DEEP DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENTER THE RIVER BED OR CROSS WITH A CAR. Go back to the Soda Caiman and ask them to contact us to let us know you are here. The river bed varies during the rainier seasons. It is always good to check the bottom to make sure it is not soft.

Travel safely and enjoy