Making a Reservation

To provide the best service possible to our future guests, we prefer to communicate directly and have opted not to use an automated reservation system.

You can write us at

It would be very helpful, if the reservation form online  is filled out, when you first contact us….or soon there after. Or you could do it the old way. Fill in this Bosque del Rio Tigre Reservation Requests PDF , save it  and email it to us at the above address.

Once you have made contact with us and expressed interest in making reservations, we pencil in the dates in our book and will hold those dates while we are communicating, as long as we are more or less in continuous contact. Once your dates are firm, we have worked out what you would like in the way of guiding and any transportation we need to arrange, we will ask for a deposit either to our account in the USA, a wire transfer to our CR account, or with a signed credit card voucher which we usually do not process, unless you ask us to.

We request a deposit approximately equal approximately 50%, including reserved guiding. We vary the amount slightly so that we can tell who has deposited in our accounts. We will send you the amount of deposit via email.

The cancellation policy

The deposit is 100% refundable with notice of cancellation up until the last month. For cancellations received less than 30 days prior to your reservation we will refund 75% of your deposit if we fill your space.
Please note that we have a different policy for the holiday season, whole lodge, large group or tour company reservations.